Secret History may be a long-running British tv documentary series. Shown on Channel four, the key History brand continues to be used as a banner title within the kingdom, however several of the individual documentaries will still be found on U.S. cable channels (like Discovery Times or The History Channel International) while not the stigmatisation. It will be seen as Channel 4’s answer to the BBC’s Time watch. The series came back to Channel four on ten November 2013 when a 9 year break.


According to Channel four, Secret History is that the home of single, hour-long history documentaries that shed new lightweight on a number of the foremost intriguing stories from the past. New proof from excavation, analysis and investigation reveal strange, forgotten stories and shed new lightweight on the events we have a tendency to thought we have a tendency to knew well. The programmes challenge accepted views of key events in history. generally hid, generally manipulated by the media, the reality has been submerged behind the headlines and therefore the info. From Roman legions to Nazi tv, the series re-examined up to date proof, that specialize in typically stunning first-hand accounts and therefore the ground-breaking views of leading consultants.
In 1992, the show won the Royal tv Society award for Best Documentary Series.