A cinema or cinema (also known as a cinema, theatre, film house, film theater or image house) could be a venue, sometimes a building, for viewing movies (films).

Most however not all film theaters area unit industrial operations line of work to the final public, United Nations agency attend by getting a price ticket. The film is projected with a projector onto an oversized surface at the front of the area. Most film theaters area unit currently equipped for digital cinema projection, removing the requirement to make and transport a physical film print.

Spelling and various terms

In the US, theater has long been the well-liked orthography, whereas within the Britain et al it’s theater.

However, several North American country theaters choose to use land orthography in their own names, a apply supported by the National Association of Theatre house owners, whereas except for North America most communicatory countries typically use the term cinema /ˈsɪnɨmə/, or else spelled and pronounced cinema. The latter terms, similarly as their by-product adjectives “cinematic” and “kinematic”, ultimately derive from Greek κινῆμα, κινῆματος (kinema, kinematos)—”movement”, “motion”. within the countries wherever those terms area unit used, the word “theatre” is typically reserved for live performance venues.

Colloquial expressions, principally applied to {motion image|movie|picture|flick|show|film}s and motion picture theaters jointly, embody the silver screen (formerly generally sheet) and therefore the massive screen (contrasted with the smaller screen of a tv set). Specific to North America is that the movies, whereas specific to the united kingdom area unit the photographs, the flicks, and for the power itself the ectoparasite pit (or fleapit).

Screening space refers to a awfully tiny theater, usually a personal one, like for the employment of these concerned within the production of motion photos or during a giant personal residence.